Within the partnership program the ICN Service Engineering Company provides technical servicing of engineering
systems and equipment of real estate facilities.

Possessing considerable service experience, employing qualified engineering personnel and using
necessary equipment ICN Service Engineering conducts the entire range of periodic and annual maintenance.
It has its own repair mobile group for the quickest possible efficient restoration operations of equipment breakdown
and failure situations.

Our top priorities are:

  • Operation of systems and equipment in accordance with requirements of the manufacturer, specification requirements and maintenance periods;
  • Regular functional inspections of modes and parameters, recordkeeping;
  • Dispatching control system—continious parameter checkout and prompt response to information about breakdown;
  • Rehabilitation of equipment in failures and implementation of measures to prevent potential damage;
  • Execution of all scheduled maintenance operations in accordance with the plan schedule;
  • Timely replacement of necessary consumables and operational materials;
  • Recordkeeping of equipment and systems parameters, presenting reports on works executed in accordance with the schedule.

As per additional contract -- complete overhaul of equipment and systems, replacement of failed equipment.

Activity of the company is insured.